Third seminar of the Jean Monnet Chair

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On November 2, the third seminar was held within the framework of the Jean Monnet Chair. Professors from national and international universities discussed relations with the American continent: EE. Canada, Mexico, Chile, Mercosur, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Professor Blanc Altemir presented and moderated the event .


    • Dr. Ana María Manero Salvador. Professor of Public International Law and International Relations (University Carlos III of Madrid): EU – United States
    • Dr. Pilar Cos Sánchez. Full Professor of Business Organization (University of Lleida): EU - Canada
    • Dr. Antonio Columbus Gorgues. Full Professor of Economics, Sociology and Agrarian Policy (University of Lleida): EU – Mexico
    • Dr. Déborah Presta Novello. Professor of EU Law (Pontifical University of Comillas – ICADE): EU – Colombia, Peru and Ecuador
    • Dr. Gerardo Coppelli Ortiz. Professor of International Economic Law (Central University of Chile): EU – Chile








With the support of the European Commission