Research group: les Nacions Unides i la Unió Europea davant els reptes i amenaces actuals: reforma del sistema de governança global, seguretat, cooperació i drets humans (GRUNUE):

Who we are

The main objective of the proposal for the Jean Monnet Chair: "EU promoter of free trade and multilateralism" is to ensure the deepening of EU studies at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism of the University of Lleida. With this aim, the team, taking into account the research lines of the professors who are members, has chosen a specific topic related to EU trade agreements to launch a methodologically innovative project. It will not only affect the academic sector, but also the socio-economic sector of the province of Lleida, given that the regional economy is mainly based on the agri-food sector, which is the most important in Catalonia and one of the most important in Spain. The work program proposed by the project, which will consist of six seminars (two per academic year), will have as its main objective the extension of awareness to all students of the Faculty. In addition, it is important that the activities are not limited only to students of law and economics, but also to students of other faculties. Apart from the main objective relating to tertiary education, the synergy will take advantage of the long experience of the presidents in collaboration with local authorities, the Ajuntament de Lleida, Europe Direct and other professional associations. This network will mainly support dissemination, but some activities will also be organized with its direct involvement in the provision of interlocutors from civil society. It is significant to underline this fact because it reveals the project's capacity to expand the strong presence of the Jean Monnet Chair.


  • Dr. Antonio Blanc Altemir
Academic Committee:
  • Dr. Sergio Salinas Alcega
  • Dr. Antonio Colom Gorgues
  • Dr. Gerardo Coppelli Ortiz
  • Dra. Pilar Cos Sánchez
  • Dra. Déborah Presta Novello
  • Dra. Eimys Ortiz Hernández
Project data
  • Start date: 06-10-2020
  • Completion Date: 05-10-2023
  • Reference: 620947-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPJMO-CHAIR
  • Budget: €50,000