Challenges of the European Union: an approach for senior students (CEUSS)


Who we are

The "Challenges of the European Union: an approach for Senior Students" team is involved in different teaching and research activities due to the projects granted within the framework of the Jean Monnet Actions: Chair (2008-2013) and Center of Excellence (2012-2015). During these years, the need to apply large doses of pedagogy has been detected to communicate the principles and values that inspire the process of European construction, as well as the benefits derived from it for all citizens.

This perspective has shown us the importance of reaching different sectors of society, beyond university students, who traditionally have more ignorance of European affairs and the relevance of the European Union. In particular, this project focuses on people over 55 years old with great motivation to stay active and continue learning. In this way, we take advantage of the work of the Center of Excellence and its collaboration with the "University Extension Classrooms", which concentrates 800 students in the city of Lleida, and nearly 2,500 throughout the province. The "Aules de Gent Gran" are they opened in 1991, and, since that time, they have grown exponentially achieving an important presence not only in the city but also in the province. Therefore, the team will coordinate directly with the "University Extension Classrooms" to develop the project.

In relation to the work program, 14 centers will be covered. During this first edition, the aim is to reach 1,000 participants in total. Among the proposed activities are a series of seminars in different centers. Topics have been selected based on members' expertise, so they will focus on the following issues: climate change, international security, Brexit, health policy, peacebuilding, EU external relations, US relations -EU, Eurozone. In short, all those challenges that the EU currently faces will be subject to public debate. In addition, as complementary activities, it is proposed, firstly, a round table on education at all stages of life; and secondly, two seminars will be held, in October and March, aimed at university students and the general public. Finally, the quality control of the project will be carried out through meetings with the members and coordinators of the "University Extension Classrooms" to detect deficiencies and strengthen the useful factors to hold a second edition.

  • Dr. Antonio Blanc Altemir
  • Dr. Antonio Colom Gorgues
  • Dr. Sergio Salinas Alcega
  • Dr. César Cierco Seira
  • Dra. Bénédicte Real
  • Dra. Eimys Ortiz Hernández
  • Sra. Deborah Presta Novello
Project data
  • Start date: 01-09-2016
  • End Date: 31-08-2017
  • Reference: 574715-EPP-1-2016-1-ES-EPPJMO-PROJECT
  • Budget: €25,180

Roundtable. Reflexió sobre el paper de l’educació i la formació a totes les etapes de la vida

  • Report – “Reflexión sobre el papel de la educación y la formación en todas las etapas de la vida”
  • Contribution of Dr. Antonio Colom Gorgues, “Reflexión sobre el papel de la educación y la formación en todas las etapas de la vida”
  • Centro Europeo para el Desarrollo de la Formación Profesional: Directrices europeas para la validación del aprendizaje no formal e informal
Activities carried out and scheduled


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