Law and Business Administration


  1. Systematic understanding of a field of study and mastery of research skills and methods related to this field.
  2. Ability to conceive, design or create, implement and adopt a substantial process of research or creation.
  3. Ability to contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge through original research.
  4. Ability to do a critical analysis and evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.
  5. Ability to communicate with the academic and scientific community and with society in general about their areas of knowledge in the ways and languages commonly used in their international scientific community.
  6. Ability to promote, in academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural progress within a society based on knowledge.

Line of research: Public International Law, International Relations and European Union Law

Responsible: Dr. Antoni Blanc Altemir


The aim of this line is research both in Public International Law and International Relations and in European Union law. To this end, and depending on the competitive projects that cover it, the questions relating to the reform of the United Nations system and of governance are proposed as priority topics for the same, and with regard to the DIP and RI worldwide, which includes, in addition to the Organization itself, specialized bodies such as the IMF, among others, as well as the international protection of human rights. With regard to EU law, priority issues are proposed regarding the EU's external relations, in particular with the Mediterranean, with the BRICS and with Latin America, as well as the EU's energy security.


  • Dr. Mercè Castillo, Full Professor of Financial and Tax Law, University of Lleida
  • Dr. Eimys Ortiz, Lecturer Serra Húnter, University of Lleida

Collaborating professors: