New Jean Monnet Chair given to Prof. Antonio Blanc Altemir

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The European Commission has awarded a new Jean Monnet Chair to Prof. Antonio Blanc Altemir. The main objective of the Jean Monnet Chair: "EU promoter of free trade and multilateralism" is to ensure the deepening of studies on the EU in the Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism of the University of Lleida.

Regarding the objective, the team, taking into consideration the research lines of the member professors, has decided to focus on the EU free trade agreements with third countries. The project will have an impact not only in the academic field but also in the socio-economic sector of the province of Lleida.

The work program proposed by the project will consist of six seminars (two each academic year), will be open not only to students of the Faculty but also of the University in addition to the population through the collaborating entities: Ajuntament de Lleida, EuropeDirect and professional associations.