CEUSS: Guissona debate on the EU in the framework of the University Extension Room

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From the University of Lleida and in the framework of the Aules d'Extensió Universitària, which is projected in Guissona, an extra conference was held outside the program offered by the UdL (University of Lleida) itself and to be able to publicize the work that the UdL does to spread the operation of the European Union to citizens.

The conference under the name "The European Union, current challenges and threats" by Dr. and professor of Public International Law and International Relations, Eimys Ortiz, explained in a simple and concise way the origins, the history of treaties and community legislation, the functioning of its bodies and the powers of the EU.

The talk took place on Thursday 23 February in the Plenary Room of the Guissona Town Hall.

The talk was attended by the regional councilor for social services at the Regional Council, Núria Magrans, who thanked the UdL for the work to bring the university extension classrooms closer to the region and which, at present, work very well in the two municipalities that are being planned, Guissona and Sant Guim de Freixenet. The classrooms are designed as a project of the social services area of the County Council to promote activities for the elderly in the county.

A second extraordinary conference will be held in this framework of the European Union on March 23 also in Guissona and by Dr. Cesar Cierco, graduate in administrative law from the UdL, who will talk about the public health policy of the European Union.


Source: www.guissona.cat