Dialogue "How the European Union affects our day to day life"

European evenings 2024: dialogues on the European Union

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ScreenBox Lleida

C/ Pi i Maragall, 26

25004 Lleida

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Europe Direct Lleida
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Europe Direct Lleida
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Next Thursday, May 16, the dialogue "How our day-to-day life affects the European Union" will take place, with the participation of Sergi Barrera, head of the Office of the European Parliament in Barcelona. This is the second dialogue of the cycle "European evenings" organized by the Europe Direct Lleida of the Ajuntament de Lleida, which wants to become a space for reflection and debate about Europe, where opinions and knowledge can be shared with experts or representatives of European institutions. Membership in the European Union means participation, obtaining advantages and assuming obligations in a common European space. 57% of the legislation in Spain has its origin or transposition of European legislation. In this debate we will talk about the topics discussed and voted on in this legislature in areas such as workers' rights, the circular economy, the climate and the environment, the protection of consumers, among others, and how they influence community decisions in our everyday life

Conductor of the event: Francesc de Dios, journalist.